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Stick Around is a great app to create interactive activities for, AND WITH, your students! This website is designed as a place to share and steal the "puzzles" you create.

Some Stick Around VocabularyProjects - files within Stick Around that are editable.

Puzzles - a finalized project; the activity students would do in class

How This Site Works
If you are looking for a new way to use Stick Around, browse the pages along the right hand side to find new puzzle ideas! You are welcome to download the puzzles and use them on your devices.

If you have created a puzzle and want to share, add a link to your finished puzzle in Dropbox or Google Drive. You may want to create a QR code so users can quickly and easily download your puzzle to their iPad. See the "Resources" page for more information. It may also be helpful to put a link for contact information in case someone has questions.

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9-12 Puzzles
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This website is not maintained by the Stick Around creators.